Guiding Lights

Introducing Our Leaders: Experts with years of experience guiding you towards success. They're here to support you and your team with dedication and creative solutions.

Chief Executive

Komal Bhatt

Chief Operation

Thomas Dehli Cleve

Chief Business

Erlend Forsund

Chief Marketing

Unified Contributors

The synergy of individual aspirations harmonizes with our shared objective, evident throughout the years. Our innovative teams, working collaboratively in clusters, are indispensable assets to kology.

Priyansh B.

Head of Account

Sudir T.

Head of People

Himanshu P.

Head of Salas

Neha J.

Sr. Business Developer

Mansi J.

Sr. Business Developer

Heena G.

Sr.Business Developer

Riyaz M.

Social Story Teller

Dhurgmesh D.

Business Developer

Sakshi J.

Business Developer

Parthraj B.

Sr. Email Marketer

Bryce B.

Account Manager

Chaxul S.

Social seller