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Experience the effectiveness of a dedicated LinkedIn Sales Development Representative (SDR) at a budget-friendly rate. Our mission is to enhance your productivity and ROI by delivering qualified leads.

Find Prospects
Find Prospects

We create precise and qualified lists of your perfect prospects on LinkedIn.

Write Messages
Write Messages

Crafting personalized cold outreach messages that prompt genuine responses.

Execute Outreach
Execute Outreach

We deliver tailored messages to thousands of your perfect prospects.

Close Deals
Close Deals

We deliver tailored messages to thousands of your perfect prospects.

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Pricing for LinkedIn lead generation

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  • 1 LinkedIn profile
  • 4-touch sequences
  • Qualified prospect list built
  • Proactive campaign optimization
  • 1st-Degree nurture campaigns
  • Maximum InMails to Open Profiles
  • A/B testing campaigns
  • Profile privacy & safety protection
  • Monthly MIS Reporting
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  • Individual Plan +
  • 2-4 MQL Commitment
  • Dedicated appointment setter
  • Done-for-you meetings booked
  • Weekly Meeting & MIS
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  • Agency Plan +
  • 12-15 MQL Commitment
  • 7-8 Appointment Commitment
  • Built for teams : up to 4 Linkedin Profile
  • 3X the lead volume
  • BOFU email outreaching followups
  • Weekly Meeting & MIS
  • A/B testing campaigns
  • Monthly MIS Reporting
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#1 LinkedIn Business Development Agency

We assist in transforming your LinkedIn into a revenue-generating powerhouse across these four key areas.

Transform your LinkedIn profile into a lead-converting sales engine. Our user-friendly features, coupled with our done-for-you services, empower you to generate and close deals more swiftly.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

A carefully crafted LinkedIn profile can make a significant impact. We'll establish you as an industry authority with a polished presence, enabling you to attract qualified leads ready to convert.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

We'll help you grow your ideal audience through genuine conversations on a large scale. Your profile will automatically send targeted and personalized messages to your perfect prospects every day. Plus, we'll provide guidance on how to respond effectively.

LinkedIn Content & Ghostwriting

Your voice, your stories, and our expertise converge to produce tangible business outcomes. We meticulously craft each post to establish you as an industry influencer, attracting qualified sales leads and additional business opportunities.

LinkedIn Appointment Setting

Our team of dedicated response handlers can save you countless hours each month by managing your inbox, nurturing leads, and scheduling meetings directly on your calendar.

What Customer Say About Kology

Digital marketing & advertising approach focuses on capturing the essential

Kology's help was invaluable in getting my accounting firm off the ground. With their guidance, we secured meetings and landed our first client in just a month. Their clear strategy and focused approach made all the difference. I highly recommend Kology for anyone looking to jumpstart their business

Austin Gudzak , Founder

Kreative Minds Marketing

Kology played a pivotal role in helping us secure more meetings than ever before. Their tailored strategies and hands-on approach were key factors in our success. We're incredibly grateful for their expertise and guidance!

David Mulin


Hiring Mihir Bhatt as our Fractical VP was one of the best decisions we've made for our business. His leadership and guidance have been instrumental in streamlining our business development process. Thanks to his efforts, we've seen a surge in productive meetings, and we're optimistic about the revenue potential in the upcoming quarter. Excited to continue working with Mihir and the Fractical team!

Olena Navrotska

Business Advisor Closely Outreach Experts

Thanks for consultation, we've been able to take our meeting acquisition to the next level. Their expertise in business development strategies has provided us with valuable insights and tactics to enhance our outreach efforts. We're confident that the meetings secured with their help will lead to tangible results in the near future.

bomda Chaur Founder ralefy

Kology has really helped us get our business processes in order and make sure everyone on our business development team is working towards the same goals. With their guidance, we've become more efficient and productive. We're thankful for their support and excited about what's to come!

Andree King

Managing DirectorManaging Director Jamjar.com

Thanks to Kology's efforts, our appointment schedule has never looked better. Their dedication to understanding our business needs and target audience has resulted in a steady stream of quality appointments. We're excited about the growth opportunities ahead and grateful for Kology's support.

Jody Nest


I got four projects in the first quarter. Their help was amazing, and they really understood what I needed. I'm grateful for their support and excited to keep working with them.

Shwet Patel, CEO

Raidlayer webhost pvt ltd

The consultation session was fantastic! After starting the outreach plan suggested by Kology, I've been getting better responses than ever before. Their advice really made a difference, and I'm thrilled with the results.

Vinita Shrimalli, Founder

MarketingZen Agency

Mihir's strategy and outbound approach are unique and have been producing great results for my team.

Jitendra Dadhaniya

Founder w24.in

With Kology's help, we onboarded nine new clients within just two months of our session. Their guidance was invaluable, and we're so happy with the results.

Navneet Pate

Ambli.ai, Founder


LinkedIn's effectiveness varies by industry, but it can be just as effective as email. It's particularly strong in IT and Marketing sectors. However, its effectiveness depends on your target market and industry specifics.

LinkedIn expands reach by connecting with professionals, and it's preferred by some in your target market. It offers a more personalized approach and real-time communication.

Sending invites to prospects with custom messages, followed by personalized messages describing how products can benefit them, is a primary tactic. Informality and follow-ups are key.

LinkedIn isn't overcrowded, especially when targeting niche job titles. Targeted outreach to specific prospects can yield better results than mass outreach.

It varies based on profile quality. Typically, 50-100 invites are sent daily, ensuring quality connections and avoiding profile restrictions.

Profiles may get restricted due to being flagged as spam, excessive pending invites, or sending too many invites within a 24-hour timeframe.

LinkedIn prospecting messages involve reaching out to potential customers or clients on the platform. It's essential to keep messages short, personalized, and offer value upfront.

Cold Outreach on LinkedIn is connecting with potential contacts through InMail, connection requests, or direct messages. Personalization and value offering are crucial for success.

Response rates vary depending on factors like message quality and target audience. On average, a response rate of 10-20% is considered successful in LinkedIn outreach campaigns.

Following up with prospects on LinkedIn depends on their responsiveness and engagement. A general rule is to send a follow-up message after 5-7 days if there's been no response to your initial outreach.

Yes, LinkedIn outreach can be automated to some extent using third-party tools. However, it's important to use automation responsibly and maintain a personalized approach to avoid being flagged as spam.

If your LinkedIn profile gets restricted, you should review LinkedIn's guidelines to understand the reason for the restriction. Take corrective actions if necessary, such as reducing the number of pending invites or adjusting your outreach strategy.

Success in LinkedIn outreach campaigns can be measured using metrics such as connection acceptance rate, response rate, meeting booked rate, and ultimately, conversion rate to customers or clients.

Yes, some best practices for writing LinkedIn outreach messages include personalizing each message, keeping it concise and relevant, offering value upfront, and including a clear call-to-action (CTA) for the recipient to respond.

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